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PointDigital© Digital Writing utilizes world leading technology in handwriting interpretation that converts handwriting into typed data in real-time. This technology is a critical tool for businesses with mobile and field workers, saving time and money on capturing and collecting front-end information and back-end processing.

Your field personnel armed with our digital pens can capture information on any paper based document or form including signatures, diagrams and drawings. No specialized user training required. Simply write, capture, send, and process.

Pen & Paper Tablet PC
  • Real-Time Access
  • Accurate Handwriting Interpretation
  • Flexible
  • Scalable
  • Secure

PointDigital© enables you to easily deploy a digital writhing solution to any document or form without the long-term financial impact of similar hardware and software based solutions. PointDigital© also provides you with the flexibility and scalability to go from simple capture, to a robust enterprise workflow solution quickly and economically.

  • Quick deployment
  • Integrates with backend sytems
  • Create new applications on the fly
  • One application handles many business processes
  • Reduces operating cost
  • Improves employee efficiency
  • Incorporate business workflow rules
  • User adaption is 100%
Business Workflow Sample

PointDigital can be integrated with any business application
you currently have that accepts data in XML or TEXT and
images in PDF, JPG or TIF formats.
No other handwriting and signature capture solution can do everything Digital Writing can do with a single investment. We invite you to see why PointDigital© - Digital Writing Solution is the one solution that you cannot afford to be without.

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