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PointDigital© Digital Writing can be applied to any process where handwritten information or signatures need to be captured. The applications are endless as well as the positive impact to your company’s bottom line.

Digital writing quickly turns your forms into an intelligent, dynamic, communication workflow tool that captures real-time handwritten information (data, drawings, signatures) that can be immediately processed by administrative and support personnel. Converting handwriting into electronic data simplifies the integration of your data into any downstream systems (i.e. ERP, CRM, CMS and much more).

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PointDigital© – Digital Writing is totally customizable and scalable to meet all your business and integration needs. From simple signature capture to complex structured documents PointDigital – Digital Writing gives you the flexibility, versatility and security to capture and manage handwritten information more efficiently.

PointDigital©’s true benefits are realized on the operational level where you have the ability to speed up workflow processes, approval processes and reduce cost and overhead on many business levels.

Applied to any document where handwritten information is
Real-time access to data and documents from mobile/field
Forms are processed in the office immediately
Errors are captured at the time of service not hours, days or
  weeks later
AP/AR can reconcile and process payments immediately
Accounting errors are caught at the time of service
Collaboration/Workflow – documents and data can be shared with
Integration with downstream systems

    • Accounting
    • Customer Service
    • CRM (Customer Relationship Manager)
    • Inventory
    • Warehouse/Logistics
    • ERP Systems
    • Document Management
    • And much more

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