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The next-generation of Digital Writing applications has arrived for the Tablet PC.

naturalFORMS™ allows users to easily and naturally complete pre-defined business forms right from their Tablet PC using a stylus, the touch of a finger, or the integrated keyboard. Straight through processing delivers form data and images where you need them.

Backend systems and business workflow now work with unsurpassed efficiency and cost reduction.

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Handwriting captured on the tablet is immediately transformed into digitized (typed) data, which can be integrated with backend business systems.

Immediate Data Verification At The Point Of Entry – the handwriting interpretation provides instant feedback for accuracy and eliminates third party verification and data entry.

naturalFORMS™ Features
  • Free Form Text
  • Checkboxes
  • Radio Buttons
  • Dropdown List
  • Mandatory Fields
  • Image Annotation
  • Photo Attachments
  • Drawing Areas
  • Signature Capture & Initials
  • Multiple Pages Documents
  • GPS Coordinates
  • Two-way Communication
  • Pre-Populated Data
  • Spell Checking
  • Word Recognition
  • Custom Dictionaries

naturalFORMS™ uses your existing forms and documents and can be applied to any business process.

PointDigital© is the bridge between your external and internal operations allowing both to operate at a higher level of efficiency. Forms utilize text fields, radio buttons, check boxes and signature areas to streamline data entry. Digital Writing uses industry leading handwriting interpretation and processing systems that offer the highest level of conversion in the industry today. Combine this with the ability to add industry specific custom dictionaries (Lexicons), your business is able to operate more efficiently while reducing cost.

A natural fit for naturalFORMSTM
• Accounting
• Banking
• Construction
• Customer Support
• Education
• Field Service
• And many other industries
• Inspections
• Insurance
• Healthcare
• Pharmaceuticals
• Sales
• Wealth Management

naturalFORMS™ is affordable saving you time, money and resources and will give you an immediate return on your investment the minute you start using it

To learn more on how Digital Writing and naturalFORMS™ can help you and your company contact your Digital Writing Solution specialist at (718) 552-2331 or email
us at pointdigital-info@ditinc.com.

We provide live demonstrations in your office and FREE trials.



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