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  Volume II Issue 08 July 28, 2010
After the cost cutting is over.

Most companies today have been successful at lowing business costs and trimming the fat. But, what about productivity?

Cost cutting often means increased workloads and heavy demands on employees time. How do you keep your valued employees at the top of their game -- productive, inspired, hungry for more under these circumstances?

Make the business processes more efficient.

DIT’s has a simple systematic approach to maximize your existing recourses and increase productivity. Using existing budgets we can help you improve your business processes without taking on a major capital expense.

Ask yourself these questions.

If we cut the time it takes to move the paperwork from point A to point Z would we be more productive?

If we can get information from our field/mobile workers faster, could we be more productive?

If we manage our internal paperwork more efficiently, could we be more productive?


If you answered yes to any of these questions then we can help. The best part is that 95%9 of the companies we talk to already have everything they need to make productivity a reality.

Fifteen minutes is all we need to assess your needs and help you move your business forward with increased productivity and cost savings in this new economy


Fred Dunwoody
Document Integration Technologies, Inc.
T: 718.552.2331 x15
C: 516.306.1656
E: fdunwoody@ditinc.com

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