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PlanetPress Suite enables easy creation and printing of transactional, promotional and transpromotional variable content documents as well as offering advanced automated distribution and workflow management capabilities. Documents created with PlanetPress Suite can be printed on any printer, archived, emailed and/or faxed as part of a sophisticated output management application driven by PlanetPress Watch or PlanetPress Server. Conditional text, business graphs and images can be incorporated based upon information contained within the data stream.

Generates PDF, TIFF, JPG, VDX, PDF/X, PDF/A and AutoStore versions of variable data documents, emails and/or faxes and/or archives/indexes them automatically.
For easy variable data document creation and any Windows & PDF document enrichment or repurposing.
an output to any number of PostScript or non-PostScript printing devices with or without OL Printer licenses.
Can output to any number of Windows printer drivers and to all OL licensed PostScript devices.
Can output to licensed PostScript devices only, driving printer centric devices for distributed applications.
Printing licenses for PostScript Devices. Licenses can be used with any of the workflow tools or as stand-alone items.
Xerox Managed Print Service
Xerox Managed Print Services can reduce your print and copy costs as much as 30% (based on Gartner analysis, August 21, 2009), while improving your overall productivity. As a certified provider, we use proven tools developed by Xerox to help you operate more efficiently, budget more accurately and manage printing costs with predictable monthly billing.
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Xerox Mobile Print Solutions
Enable simple, convenient and secure wireless printing from any email-enabled device, including a BlackBerry, iPhone, Android, iPad or laptop computer to a Xerox MFP without having to install any additional software on the mobile device or map to a printer.
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Xerox® PrintBack
When you're away from your computer and receive an important document via any web-based email or cloud-storage service, on your mobile device, Xerox PrintBack allows you to print to your default printer at your office. PrintBack is a free app available for iOS- and Android-based mobile devices.
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Convert hard copy documents into digital files for permanent storage. Scan and archive your company's records automatically from the control panel or touch screen of your Xerox MFP.
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Scan to PC Desktop® Professional
Convert printed forms and documents into fully editable digital files. Scan printed material into virtually any type of file format—Word®, PowerPoint®, Excel®, PDF, JPG, TIF and many others.
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DocuShare® Express
A powerful storage and content management system for small to medium businesses. Use it to streamline and control document access, automate version control, support compliance requirements, and much more.
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